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CNET UK Podcast 275: Your phone is a payphone

The CNET team takes on Pingit and mobile payments, as well as Mountain Lion, Raspberry Pi -- and a hoverboard.

Would you use your phone to handle your cash? In the week that Barclays launches money-moving app Pingit, the CNET UK team takes on mobile payments and banking on your phone.

With Samsung, Orange, O2, Google, Visa and Barclaycard all planning their own mobile payment systems, is your phone about to replace your wallet? Yes, it's all about money in the world of technology right now.

There's serious money in piracy, and elite police squad the Serious Organised Crime Agency has not only arrested the owner of a music site accused of copyright infringement, but also replaced the site with a message threatening visitors with 10 years in jail. In a slightly-more legal but no less unpleasant move Sony Records caused outrage when it hiked the price of Whitney Houston's music after her untimely death.

On a lighter note, a lucky few owners of the HTC Sensation and Sensation XE are going to get Ice Cream Sandwich early.  And the most popular -- or should we say unpopular -- story on CNET UK this week is Apple's attempt to ban Ice Cream Sandwich. Keep your opinions coming in on that one.

In Crave, we attempt to impress moneyman Judgement Daddy Warbucks with the top tech of the week. Luke splashes out on OS X Mountain Lion, Rich puts his hand in his pocket for Raspberry Pi and Natasha is a big spender with a replica of the Back to the Futurehoverboard, complete with "multiple whooshing sounds".

But enough of that: it's time to show me the money -- by waving your phone around. Google Wallet is supposed to be safer than cards despite what PayPal says, Orange is banking on Barclaycard and Samsung is teaming up with Visa for an Olympic payphone. Can mobile phones balance security and convenience or is a phone already too valuable?

Finally we answer your questions on Apple TV and Ice Cream Sandwich, as well as wishing one hepcat listener a very groovy birthday. Keep the feedback on our Facebook page -- oh, and hello to Jason Isaacs!

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