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CNET UK Podcast 273: Has tech ruined real life?

We love our gadgets, but is it time we stopped staring at screens and just enjoyed the view?

As Samsung Galaxy Tab tablets are installed in the London Eye, are we staring at screens when we should be looking out of windows? As much as we love the latest gadgets, is it time we put down the tech and smelled the roses?

But before we get to that, there's good news from Ofcom: broadband speeds are up! The average British broadband speed is up, anyway, although rural areas are still struggling for decent speeds.

In phone news, thousands are pressuring Apple to take responsibility for workers in the factories where the iPhone and iPad are built. And we look at how Facebook's public offering affects you -- and ask if we can afford to buy shares in Mark Zuckerberg.

You've responded in droves to some of our recent opinion pieces, so we discuss why smart phones don't work these days and whether the PlayStation Vita is a worthwhile investment.

This week we welcome new podcastonaut Natasha, who is excited about the arrival of Kinect in laptops -- it feels like the future! Andy is super-psyched about the Samsung Galaxy S Advance, and Luke gets hot under the collar about Windows 8.

We sent our roving reporter to the London Eye to check out the Samsung tablet installed in each pod -- but shouldn't we be enjoying the view rather than messing with a gadget?

As more and more people seem to watch gigs through mobile phones held above their heads and Facebookers check in at parties more than they check out the talent, are we spending too much time with our tech and not enough with our friends? We discuss whether technology is making our life better -- or taking over.

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