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CNET UK Podcast 271: So long SOPA

The Internet has defeated SOPA and PIPA -- but does the war against piracy continue?

Fight the power! The Internet has risen against SOPA and PIPA -- but what does it mean to us here in Britain? We discuss how anti-piracy could impact you, ponder what went wrong with Kodak, and get to grips with the Asus Transformer Prime.

We discuss our addiction to Wikipedia, thrown into sharp relief by the 24-hour protest blackout on Wednesday, lament the end of an era that is Kodak going under, and try to puzzle out exactly what the heck is going on with the Transformer Prime, the hotly anticipated Android tablet that's suffering all manner of bugs and delays.

We reveal the most popular stories on CNET UK this week, including news of the new Sony Xperia S and our review of new video-streaming service Netflix. We're also pretty chuffed with our videos of the hottest new gadgets, including our 90-second round-up of the tech to get excited about in 2012 -- and of course, our live video podcast from fabulous Las Vegas.

In Crave, Judgement Jimmy Wales decides which is the top tech of the week. Andy appeals on behalf of the LG 55EM9600, Luke provides references to Rocky IV and a bibliography for the Oculus netbook robot kit, and Rich finds a citation needed for the Motorola Defy+ JCB edition.

In the feature: SOPA is on the ropes, and it's all thanks to the Internet, uniting against ill-thought-out and draconian proposed new US laws. But this is only the end of the battle, and the war continues. The protest against the Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect IP Act was an unprecedented groundswell of public opinion, but should Internet giants be able to hold lawmakers to ransom at all? And we ask if any law can tackle piracy more effectively than simply making it easier and cheaper to access movies, music and more.

We'd hate to live in a world without movie mash-ups like this one, recreating Lionel Richie's Hello...

We answer your questions on the Transformer Prime and ultrabooks, ponder whether HTC or Samsung should buy RIM, offer our predictions for a Google Tablet, and boggle at the ridiculous Razer Project Fiona gaming tablet. Keep your questions, comments and other feedback coming in the comments or on our Facebook page.

Finally, podcast leg-end and king of the gadget geeks Rory Reid says goodbye for the last time. Sayonara, Rory: it's been real. But worry not, for the podcast isn't going anywhere -- so see you next week!

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