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CNET UK Podcast 267: What we Googled in 2011

We look back on the iPhone 5, Steve Jobs and the things we Googled in 2011, from scampi to snogging.

It had its ups and downs, 2011. We look back at the year when technology proved itself to be a well and truly mainstream interest -- whether it's the iPhone 5 and iPad 3, Battlefield 3 and Minecraft, or the death of Steve Jobs -- as well as taking a look at this week's top tech.

In the news, we ponder a world without Wikipedia as Jimmy Wales threatens to shut down the site in protest against a proposed new draconian US copyright law. We ask whether discount phone network GiffGaff has become too popular for its own good, and cross our fingers for the iPad 3 arriving in March.

And as we count down the shopping days until 25 December, take a quick look at our guide to alternative gadgets for Christmas and our tips for cheap gadget shopping this yuletide.

Joining us this week, Katie makes her podcast debut to tell us about the highly fashionable LG Prada Phone. Rich is impressed by the great-looking new music service Rara, and Jason takes another look at Ice Cream Sandwich.

As the end of the year looms, we look back at the people, events and topics that troubled our thinkybrains in 2011. From the Fukushima disaster and the deaths of Amy Winehouse, Ryan Dunn and Steve Jobs, to Rebecca Black and snogging tips, these are the things we Googled in 2011 according to the annual Google Zeitgeist report. Technology was on everybody's mind, with the iPhone 5, Amazon Kindle Fire and Minecraft having many of us reaching for the I'm Feeling Lucky button. Oh, and we offer our explanation for why Brits were asking, "What is scampi?"

And we answer your Christmas questions and festive feedback. Keep your thoughts, comments and yuletide cheer coming in the comments or on our official Facebook page.

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