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CNET UK Podcast 264: Battlecruisers in the boozer

We meet the gamers bringing the spaceships and battlecruisers of big-money Starcraft tournaments to your local boozer.

It's time to head for the pub for the big game -- but in true geek style, we're not talking about footerball. We meet the gamers bringing the spaceships and battlecruisers of big-money Starcraft II tournaments to your local boozer.

We dispatched our roving reporter Jerome to Barcraft, to see how video game fans reclaiming their local from the football crowds. Gaming tournaments are huge in Asia and the US, and now gamers around the world can get behind their favourite games over a lovely pint of lager for the gentleman and a glass of white wine or fruit-based drink for the lady.

The debauchery doesn't end there, as the podcast team -- who have been known to enjoy the odd tipple -- kick things off with a foaming round of news. We pour ourselves an ice-cold tall glass of scare stories about Xbox Live, followed by a swift half of chat about the Samsung Galaxy Nexus review volume bug, and a chaser of bawdy badinage from Pakistan. And we discuss the latest rumours about the iPad 3 and iPhone 5.

Then we switch to cocktails for Crave, as we get excited about the top tech of the week. Andy adds some crushed ice to the PhotoJojo iPhone lens case, Rich sticks a little pink umbrella in the Panasonic Lumix FX77, and Luke takes requests on the extraordinary Otamatone.

The results have to heard to be believed, so hit play on the podcast to hear the team murder the Doctor Who theme.

And we raise a glass to you, the listeners, as we answer your questions. We settle the age-old debate of which is better -- Airwolf, Knight Rider or Street Hawk -- and wonder if everybody's had enough of Skyrim yet. Plus, we consider the pros and cons of buying gadgets from the US, shopping on Black Friday, and reading ebooks on the Amazon Kindle.

As always, keep your feedback coming in the comments or on our Facebook page. We're off to find a kebab shop, and we'll see you next week. Remember to drink responsibly.

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