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CNET UK Podcast 251: Sayonara Steve Jobs

Love him or hate him, Steve Jobs is always interesting. We debate what's next for Apple, and the chances of the HP TouchPad becoming a must-have hipster accessory.

Love him or hate him, there's never a dull moment with Steve Jobs around. Charismatic visionary or arrogant autocrat, El Jobs delights and infuriates at every turn. Now he's quit Apple, we take a look at what he'll do next, and what the technology world will do without him.

Podcasteers Andy, Luke and Rich ponder how Steve will fill his retirement: a round of golf with Bono? Finally doing up the spare room? And of the new bosses at Apple, are they Jobs-worthy or jobsworths?

There was some other news too, so we debate the latest skirmishes in the smart phone wars, toast the 20th birthday of this World Wide Web thingy -- we hear it's going to be big -- and rummage through the bargain bins for an HP TouchPad or HP Pre.



It was a bumper week for new gadgets, from smart phones to cameras. We've picked our favourite new bits of kit -- but which will our inscrutable arbiter of tech taste, Judgement Damian, choose as a post-GCSE result treat for his little sister Judgement Debbie?

Preview: IFA fever!

Next week is IFA, the annual European consumer technology trade show in Berlin. It's an opportunity for tech companies to get together and show off their new stuff for the rest of the year, and CNET UK are heading out there -- we'll be bringing you hands-on previews and first impressions of the coolest stuff from the show floor. We've had a sneak preview of much of the new tech over the last week, but there'll still be plenty of surprises.

There'll be loads of cool stuff on CNET UK -- even more than usual, that is -- so keep an eye on Crave and on our previews and of course the boys on the ground in Berlin will be posting some of the wackier sights on our Facebook page.

Speaking of which, we also tackle your questions and comments in our feedback section, as we find out your thoughts about dodgy puns and running over your phone with your car. Happy listening!

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