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CNET UK Podcast 247: Newz kid on the block

For the first time, an ISP has been ordered to block a pirate site. But you can't block the CNET UK team when we podcast the latest tech news and views.

This week, BT is block, block, blockin' on heaven's door after being ordered by the High Court to put the kibosh on Newzbin2, a filesharing site. We also debate goal-line technology with the combined passion of a Tranmere Rovers supporter, a London Ultraviolent Femmes fan, and a Vancouver Canucks follower -- all known rioters, we think you'll find.


The most popular story this week was: OS X Lion gestures explained. Plenty of readers also got excited over R2-D2 Xbox 360 with Kinect Star Wars is Artoo cool for words


Feature: Newz kid on the block

Judges have ordered BT to block Newzbin2, a site that scrapes newsgroups for links to pirated media. It's the first time an ISP has been ordered to use its system for blocking illegal material, such as child pornography, against a pirate site. 

This is bound to open the floodgates as copyright holders gain a new weapon against filesharers. But is it practical to ask ISPs to block such sites, and what does it mean for the latest series of Game of Thrones?


We tell you what to buy on your trip to America, and what to avoid. We also discuss the best Bluetooth headphones in the whole wide world, and whether there is life beyond Google. 

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