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CNET UK Podcast 245: Discount me out

O2 Priority Moments has joined Groupon, Vouchercloud and a host of other coupon purveyors in a bid to part you from your cash. But are all these deals more trouble than they're worth?

We're pinching our pennies so hard that they have holes in the middle, so you'd think we'd be happy that O2 is offering a location-based coupon app to rival Groupon and Vouchercloud. But do voucher apps really help you save, or do they just liberate you from whatever cash you have left?

We also fight it out without the civilizing influence of Judgement Daisy this week in Crave. Imogen Heap's music-making gloves take on the latest improvements to the Android Market and the official Star Trek iPad app. Make it so!


And the most popular news story on the site this week is: Job posting points to iPhone 5 launch on 16 August.


Feature -- Discount me out

Vouchercloud, Groupon and LivingSocial are just a few of the companies jostling for space on your phone or in your email inbox, tempting you to buy that fish pedicure you've been holding out for. Amazon and Google are getting in on the game too, with AmazonLocal and Google Offers, and O2's just announced its own location-based coupon app, Priority Moments.

But do you really save money with all these coupons, or do you actually end up spending more? Can you be bothered to install the O2 app, Groupon app, Vouchercloud app and everything else, and then check them all the time in a mad bid for a half-price piece of sushi? Do you really want to receive push notifications every time you walk past a Pizza Express? Isn't coupon clipping just a tad uncouth?


Which would you like more -- an in-depth analysis of Samsung's future in the mobile market, or to find out which is our favourite curry? Good news! You don't have to choose, because this week's feedback section tackles both topics. Result.

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An Austrian has won the right to be photographed for his driving licence  wearing a pasta strainer on his head, on the grounds of religious freedom.

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