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CNET UK Podcast 244: Will Google+ murder Facebook?

You can't get an invite to Google+ for love nor money anymore, which just makes us want to use the would-be Facebook killer even more. But is it any good? We also sing Stevie Wonder's Happy Birthday and talk about the printer that prints in chocolate.

The podcast is host to a clash of the titans this week. We don't mean one of those UFC cage matches that ends up with two men in their pants hugging it out -- this is Facebook versus Google+, and it's a battle to the death.

But, before the main event, we have an opening bout between Steve Jobs' biography, a phone that can grab a signal over Wi-Fi, and Skype video calls on Facebook. Which story will win Judgement Daisy's gong this week?

We also announce the winner of the prize for making the best badge in our competition, and serenade a loyal listener with a very special song for his birthday.


And the most popular news story from the site this week was... wait for it...
BlackBerry exec unleashes scathing open letter, says 'Apple is nailing this'.


Feature -- Will Google+ murder Facebook?

Google has just announced Google+, its answer to Facebook. But after Google Buzz failed to kill Twitter, and Google Wave just, er, failed, does Google+ have what it takes to beat Facebook? And what about Orkut, Google's existing social network -- it's big in Estonia! 

We chat about the killer features of Google+, what it can do better than Facebook, and why Flora can't get an invite for love nor money.


Ask and you shall receive, especially if you ask for Stevie Wonder songs played on an iPad piano app. Happy birthday, listeners whose birthdays are today! If you've got a request, you can always comment on this story or greet us on our Facebook page.

Twitter 50

Twitter is a morass of meaningless messages, peppered with the occasional 140-character gem of wit or news. How, then, to discover the jewels in the cesspit?

We've spent the past few weeks trawling through thousands of Twitter accounts looking for just the right selection of people to follow. Check out our list of the 50 people we've chosen. And don't forget to tell us where we've gone wrong.


An exercise-tracking site lets details of users' sexual habits appear in Google search results.

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