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CNET UK Podcast 243: Has Apple won the tablet war?

We discuss whether Apple's claimed victory in the tablet war, the Pope's first tweet, Google's new social network and the imminent arrival of aliens -- finally!

Tablets. We love 'em. Well, we love one of them anyway. In this week's podcast Flora, Luke and Andy get their debating hats on to figure out whether Apple has conclusively won the tablet war.

But before we arrive at such heady argument we'll be tackling the last seven days' tech news, wrasslin' your feedback and cowering under the might of imminent alien invasion. Eesh.

We'll also be talking about Final Cut Pro, the HTC Evo 3D and Google's new Facebook-bothering social network, Google+. So hit the play button over on the right, or download the file itself, or open the podcast in iTunes. Buttons! Click them!


Filmmakers petition to bring back old Final Cut Pro
Lulzsec throws in the towel
The Pope sends the first holy tweet using an iPad
Non-stop high-speed train concept


Flora: HTC Evo 3D
Andy: Sony Z Series laptop
Luke: Google+

Feature -- Has Apple won the tablet war?

We discuss whether any tablet can dethrone the almighty Apple iPad 2. Honeycomb tablets haven't blown us away as we'd hoped they would, and offerings from BlackBerry and HP just don't get our juices flowing. Has Apple won?


We motor through another round of your Facebook feedback, including how to keep cool on the tube and our favourite kinds of potatoes.

Badges! Badges! Badges!

Our design-a-badge competition is hurtling toward a close, but there's still time to enter, so fire up Photoshop and get creative!

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