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CNET UK Podcast 240: Wii U and us

Wii U or won't you fall for Nintendo's wacky new game console, which features a giant controller with a touchscreen on it? Wel also discuss Apple's iCloud formation and cock a collective eyebrow at Richard Dreyfuss's cod-German accent.

There are eyes everywhere this week, thanks to Apple launching iOS 5, iCloud and iTunes Match, natch. We dot the i's and cross the t's in our podcast, by telling you everything you need to know about the new software and services. 

We also get electronically entertained by the electronic entertainment expo, E3, where it's sequel madness. Madness, we tell you. 

And, in the news, we discuss whether there are subliminal messages hidden in Facebook's facial recognition gubbins and iTunes Match. 



Feature - E3 meeny miny mo

Flora thinks the name of the Wii U sounds like the captain is on deck, but are you keen to stand to attention for Nintendo's new game console? It's got a crazy-looking controller with a 6.2-inch touchscreen in the centre, just in case its huge array of buttons isn't enough to cause you sensory overload.

We also look at the Sony PlayStation Vita, formerly known as the NGP, and Sony's 3D display that lets two players look at separate 2D images.

We hope you like sequels, because our pick of the best games of E3 includes Halo 4, Mass Effect 3, and Tomb Raider so-many-they-ran-out-of-numbers.


The best mobile network, the best Android tablet, and the best press conference at E3 are all revealed under your relentless Facebook questioning.


'Allo 'allo! Oscar-winner Richard Dreyfuss reads the iTunes EULA in a cod-German accent.

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