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CNET UK Podcast 229: Is £300 Galaxy Tab better than iPad 2?

Which is the best buy -- the shiny iPad 2 or the supercheap Samsung Galaxy Tab? We also talk games console lifespans and the single-syllable review is back!

There was a serious disagreement about which tablet is the best on this week's show. We also talked about the lifespan of a games console and asked if there were any downsides to the Xbox 360 continuing its loyal service until 2015.

There's also the week's most important news topics, such as Apple suing Amazon and cheap DVDs from Jersey heading the way of the dodo. Plus we debate the next feline codename for Mac OS X and wonder if Motorola is going slightly mad.


Motorola considering RazrOS as an alternative to Android
Apple suing Amazon over the term "Appstore"
Cheap DVD deals from Jersey may soon come to an end
OS X is 10


We've decided there will be no Crave this week, and instead we'll have a stinking great row about the stupid iPad 2, which is clearly not as good as the supercheap Samsung Galaxy Tab. The arguments for this are compelling, and it would take a dyed in the wool Apple fan to even attempt to dispute them. Honest.


The Xbox 360 is not going to be replaced until 2015, it seems, and it's likely the PS3 could take even longer, as it has more scope to last. What are the implications to consoles lasting such a long time? Can the 360 keep up with the PS3's graphics until then? What about the limitations of delivering games on DVD, and what will Microsoft do about 3D gaming? We hash out the future of gaming.

Single-Syllable Review

This week, Flora took the reigns of the SSR -- as all the kids are calling it -- and told us with maximum brevity what she thought of the iPad 2.

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