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CNET UK Podcast 228: Do we have the right to be forgotten?

Do we have the right to force Facebook to forget us -- permanently? Also on the show this week, we talk about Twitter's fifth birthday and a high-tech new football shirt.

On the show this week, the EU demands that citizens are given the right to remove their stuff from Facebook permanently, bypassing Zuckerburg's personal archive of all your naughty photos. We also talk about Twitter being surprisingly old and a major spam network being silenced.


Five years in and Twitter now has 1 billion tweets per week 
Major spam network silenced mid-campaign
BlackBerry: turn off your browser unless you want to be haxx0red
Ofcom forces phone networks to lower termination charges 


Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9
High-tech football shirt measures players' work rate in £50m Spurs deal
Netflix buys rights to 'air' TV show first

Feature: Do we have a right to be forgotten?

The EU wants social network sites -- and one in particular -- to give users the option to permanently delete all their data. The idea being to ensure the pursuits and japes of youth and don't end up costing people their jobs later in life, but also giving control back to the people who should own the data.


A man has used a smart-phone app with flashing lights to pull over motorists. This has, unsurprisingly landed him in jail. We have no problem with that.

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