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CNET UK Podcast 225: Cars of the future

Cars are the subject of our discussion of the week, with a hearty look at the week's tech news and some weird new video games that really worry us.

As we get ready to send Rory out to Switzerland to cover the Geneva Motor Show, we thought it was high time we talked about upcoming innovations in automotive tech. But there was also a boatload of news to talk about, so we got our teeth around the new Apple MacBook launch, Android and Facebook no longer playing nice and the failure of a recent Windows Phone 7 update.


New MacBook Pro has Thunderbolt
Android update disables Facebook contact sync
Windows Phone 7 update failed on 10 per cent of devices
Rolls Royce electric car concept

Feature: Geneva Motor Show

This year seems to be all about the electric car, which reminds us of last year, which was also about the electric car. Still, something has to change if we're going to save those poor polar bears.

CNET UK car guru Rory talked us through the wackiest concepts that have been announced for the show so far, and explained the difference between the two main types of electric drive and how they're going to rock our world.

You can keep an eye on all our coverage of the Geneva Motor Show via our dedicated show site.


Double weirdness from games this week, as players are asked to kiss in order to control a bowling ball as it hurtles toward its target. But that's nothing compared to the utter horror of Ubisoft's We Dare, which is aimed at adults, but isn't fit for any humans at all.

You need to watch the trailer to feel the sense of utter dread we do right now. Imagine someone getting that out after a dinner party -- we'd be out of the door before they could say "spank my controller".

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