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CNET UK Podcast 222: The sweet taste of Honeycomb

In this week's show, we ask whether the lustre has worn off the iPad, and wonder if there's anything Android 3.0 Honeycomb can do to prevent tablets from boring us all to death.

In this week's show, we talk about Google's search spat with Microsoft and the glorious non-story of an iPad 2 apparently being spotted in the wild. We were pleased that members of the House of Lords can now access documents on iPads while they work, although they aren't allowed to watch keyboard cat -- must suck to be a peer of the realm.

We also discuss the rest of the week's news, answer your questions and squeeze out another installment of our best-loved feature ever, WTF.


Google going after Microsoft for poaching search results
iPad 2 spotted
Peers can now use iPads in House of Lords
Windows Phone 7 gets copy and paste, but not multitasking


Facebook Deals
Android app store on your computer
Channel 4 HD on freesat


We hesitate to say it, but tablets -- especially the iPad -- have lost some of their initial attraction for us now. They look lovely and can be great devices for surfing the Internet when you're watching something boring on TV, but we're not sure their impact has been, or will be, quite as massive as Apple has suggested.

Can Google's new Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system change our minds? Or is it little more than a confusing new branch of Android that will dilute and fragment the market?


Facebook isn't shutting down after all! Apparently, some Twitter users thought it would after failing to understand how satire works. The rumour that the social-networking site would close on 15 March was plausible enough for one user to lament: "If Facebook shutdown Im not going to remember nobody birthday". Beautifully put, generic user, and best of luck with your future.

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