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CNET UK Podcast 207: Windows Phone 7 is here

Last week we focused on Nokia, and this week it's Microsoft's turn. The question is: will Windows Phone 7 prove more impressive than Symbian 3?

This week on the show, we get angry about Apple censoring text messages, discover what the police have to deal with every day, and yell at people who are prepared to spend £17,300 on a telephone.

We talk about Windows Phone 7 in some detail and ponder its future too. There's also a single-syllable review of a gigantic TV to amuse and annoy you in equal measure.

Apple trying to censor your text messages
Police tweet crimes for a day
Virgin to partner with Spotify
Vertu launches a phone that costs £17,300

Google self-driving cars
Thinkbroadband maps

Feature: Windows Phone 7
What's good about Windows Phone 7? What's bad about it? We discuss the answers to both of these questions at length and ponder the future of Microsoft's latest entry into the smart-phone market. Are Windows Phone 7 devices good enough to outclass those running Android and Symbian? Dare Microsoft dream of beating Apple and BlackBerry at their own games?

Single-syllable review
This week, Ian reviews the Sony Bravia KDL-60LX903 in just a single sound. If you yearn for more syllables, then read the full review in our reviews section.

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