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CNET UK Podcast 202: Why all the fuss over the iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab?

In this week's podcast, Ian and Flora discuss the global tablet craze and a week's worth of news. There are also two competitions to enter.

In this week's packed show, Ian and Flora take a look at the news, including Google's balls, T-Mobile and Orange sharing networks, and Craigslist getting rid of all the sex ads. There's also a debate about the worth of tablets, and we issue a new Woot of the Week and single-syllable review.

Google sends world into frenzy with unexplained ball Doodle
T-Mobile and Orange to allow subscribers to use both sets of masts
Craigslist gives in, removes sex classifieds from site
Apple iOS 4.1 released

Nokia N8
Humax update for free PVR functionality on its HD-FOX T2

If you want to win an HTC Desire, thanks to Vodafone, then head over to our competition page to enter. There's only one question, and registering takes no time at all, so what are you waiting for?

If you have a suggestion for a green-screen background, there are still Paper Jamz instruments up for grabs too. Tickle the comments section below with your ideas, or head over to our Facebook wall to pitch your idea.

For this week's special feature, we talk about the tablet craze that's sweeping the world. We ask who might buy an iPad or a Galaxy Tab and what they might do with it, once they get it home.

Woot of the Week and single-syllable review
This week's woot goes to LG for its new Nano LED backlight technology. The Samsung Galaxy S was the recipient of a monosyllabic appraisal.

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