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CNET UK Podcast 199a: Bicentennial best bits

This week on the show, it's only the best bits from 200 episodes of CNET UK podcasting glory -- the Trial, drunk Googling, and plenty of bleeped swears in preparation for next week's bicentennial

This week, to celebrate the CNET UK podcast's bicentennial birthday, Flora and Rich present a plethora of podcast pearls from the past 200 shows.

Highlights include Rory getting drunk to test Google Mail Goggles, Rich getting the beats from Natalie Del Conte in Las Vegas, Nate interviewing a sexy scientist, and Ian losing a lung to the power of rock and roll.

We also fancy our chances in the Trial, where Google is in the dock, and we try to remember a time before the iPhone.

This week's podcast is also chock-a-block with cheekiness, as Rupert worries about the effects of radiation on his family jewels, Rory finds a sausage-shaped treat on his new phone, and the podcast producer has the beep button on overdrive after a saucy conversation about naked X-rays.

Tune in next week for an episode 200 the likes of which have never been heard before, and will almost certainly be made illegal immediately after airing, so will never be heard again.

In the words of Denver Nugget Chauncey Billups, "If y'all wasn't buffs, you would never have made it to 200. Let's do another 200 baby!"

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