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CNET UK Podcast 198: What killed Google Wave?

As we hurtle toward episode 200 it's time to get out our AK-47s and blast some tech news into your brain as well as discussing the sad, but inevitable, death of Google Wave

On the show this week, we ask, "What killed Google Wave?" We also run through some of the week's more interesting news stories and decide who's craved the most interesting product in the last seven days.

NewsVodafone brands HTC desires with its own junk, infuriates customersSaudi Arabia and UAE ban BlackBerry handsets
Android outsells BlackBerry and iPhone in US
Virgin joins Sky in moaning about Project Canvas

BlackBerry Torch 9800
Google App Inventor

To be in with a chance to wining our remote controlled A-Team van, you need to Photoshop -- or your choice of photo-manipulation software -- plastic-gun wielding Ian and Luke into an amusing location. The one that raises the most audible LOL wins.

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Feature: What went wrong with Google Wave
Following hot on the heels of the announcement that Google is no longer developing Wave, we ask what went wrong, why and what will happen to the technology that went into this service. 

Woot of the Week
We're wooting about some AK-47 water machine guns sent to us by If you want one, if can be yours for £16.50, plus the cost of four AA batteries and any water you might want to fill them with.

Single-syllable review
To help you, our trusty users, make a product-related decision, Flora produced a sound that accurately conveyed her professional opinion of the Samsung Galaxy Apollo. A more verbose review is, as always, available in our mobile phones review channel from the link in the previous sentence.

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