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CNET UK Podcast 195: Piracy isn't the problem, accountants are

This week, we wonder if Facebook is about to change hands, question Hollywood's maths skills and consider what Apple's next move will be over the dodgy iPhone 4

This week, Rory, Ian and Luke talk about the woes of Apple and its troublesome iPhone 4. We round up the most interesting stories of the week, wonder if Facebook is about to belong to someone other than M-Zuck and we debate the creative industries' accounting methods.

BBC relaunches news site, Kaspersky blocks it
Consumer Reports in the US won't recommend iPhone 4
Five pulls out of Project Canvas
Web designer who claims he owns 84 per cent of Facebook

Xbox 360 Slim
Yoda voices for TomTom
Five HD

Feature: Piracy isn't the problem, accountants are
The idea behind this debate was to decide whether or not the movie and music industries are misleading us about how much money their products are losing to piracy. Our theory is that there's an accounting anomaly in any industry where a film that made nearly a billion dollars still gets written down with a $167m loss.

Unfortunately, Rory decided to introduce some idiotic analogies and we ended up resolving nothing at all. We promise to try much harder in the future.

Single-syllable review
This week, Rory reviews the Aston Martin Rapide using just one sound.

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