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CNET UK Podcast 192: The good and bad of iPhone 4

It's iPhone week! Again. Sorry about that, but we do talk about other exciting news and offer some prizes for our Facebook chums to win

We've slightly re-worked the format of the CNET UK Podcast -- but fear not! There's still all the geek news and dork banter you know and love. This week Ian and Flora talked about the new iPhone, met some of Luke's new Apple Store queue buddies and took a look at the week's news and hot products. There's also feedback from our Facebook page and the chance to win a prize for posting on our wall.

News launches egg and sperm bank
Google activating 160,000 Android handsets per day
Light saber laser has the ability to blind, burn skin and cause fires

Swype keyboard for Android
Toshiba Libretto W100 double-touchscreen laptop
HDX Bone media streamer

Competition: Your favourite gadget
Every week we ask you, our divine listeners, to do something on our Facebook page. Last week's competition was to tell us one thing you like about the show, and one thing you don't. Terrific feedback overall, and our randomly selected entrant was Sam Shetabi, who liked Flora's exotic voice and suggested an enhanced version of the podcast with images of what we're reviewing.

If you want to win something from our prize sack this week, post some thoughts about your favourite gadget on our wall -- the comments section below is fine, if you don't use Facebook -- and we'll select one winner at random.

Feature: iPhone 4
Although we feel as though this product has been discussed more than enough, we were fresh in from having queued all night at the Apple Store and with iPhone in clammy hand, we wanted to discuss some of the issues that have blighted this long-awaited handset.

We also sent the intrepid Luke Westaway to queue with the other Apple fanboys and girls overnight. He asked three of them why they were there, and what they were most looking forward to about the new phone. You can watch Luke's descent into insanity in video form, and if you're frustrated with your iPhone signal strength, Ian can help.

Single syllable review
This week, Luke reviewed the Acer Neo Touch P400 using a single sound. You can read more detailed coverage of it in our multi-word review.

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