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CNET UK Podcast 190: All hail iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 is here, and it's more important to Stephen Fry than any organised religion, even though Apple is itself pretty close to one. Other news happened too, which we discuss

This week, as the World Cup kicked off, we ignored football completely, and would have ignored the iPhone 4 if we thought we could have gotten away with it. Still, there was plenty of other news to distract us, like an oil slick and Google's 'criminal intent'.

O2 abolishes unlimited data tariffs on iPhone
Google accused of "criminal intent" in Wi-Fi snooping row
BP buys ad words to prevent people seeing bad news

Motorola Milestone 2
Sony HX803 3DTV, plus 3D PlayStation games and other 3D stuff

Feature: Does anyone care about the iPhone 4?
The iPhone 4 is here. Some of us care, some of us don't. Can you guess who might be less than interested in Apple's new device? No matter what our interest levels, we have a duty to you, our loyal listeners, to discuss it.

WTF? Woman calls Google to ask for PacMan 'doodle' to be disabled
It seems not everyone enjoyed Google's PacMan tribute, with one woman calling a very bemused Google employee to ask for it to be turned off as she was "trying to concentrate at the time". He happily told her how to close the tab and get on with her work.

Facebook competition  
f you want to enter our Facebook competition, you'll need to make us laugh with your MS Paint-style drawing of an iPhone 4. Post your entry on the wall of our CNET UK Facebook page and the one that makes Luke chortle the most will win a prize. 

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