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CNET UK Podcast 189: Does anything on the Internet last?

We discuss the week's news, including a woman who's suing Google for giving her dangerous directions, and ponder the longevity of Web companies

Ian was joined this week by a familiar duo, the ever-reliable Flora Graham and the prodigious Luke Westaway. On the agenda was Steve Jobs defending Chinese supplier Foxconn against claims that it's a sweatshop and former US president George Bush joining Facebook. We also asked if anything on the Internet was capable of lasting more than ten years.

Steve Jobs says, "Foxconn isn't a sweat shop"
George W Bush has joined Facebook

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Feature: Does anything on the Internet last?
The Guardian says Digg's traffic has taken a massive nosedive. Hardly surprising when you consider that Stumbleupon, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and others are doing a similar thing, often in a more accessible way. So, we ask, does anything have the staying power to survive for more than ten years online?

At what point did humanity lose the ability to think for itself? Are we all just cogs in a defective machine? Lauren Rosenberg wants more than $100,000 after she was hit by a car, while following a route plotted for her by Google. She claims Google didn't warn her that routes might not be safe. Which makes us wonder: if Google told her to walk off a cliff, would she do it?

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If you 'Like' our shiny new Facebook page, which you can do using our easy to remember address -- -- you could win a pair of Sennheiser headphones for your trouble. We'll pick a fan at random and announce the lucky liker on next week's podcast.

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