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CNET UK Podcast 187: Facebook privacy panic

This week, we re-enact an IM conversation in which Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg may have called us dumb, check out Spotify's new price plans, and pay someone to do our online dating

This week on the CNET UK Podcast, Ian was suffering from World Cup madness, so Rich and Nick joined Flora to talk about whether we're all quitting Facebook over privacy concerns, Vodafone's new approach to gouging us over data roaming, and Spotify's new price plans.


Vodafone's new data-roaming charges force you to travel light
Google Nexus One online sale scrapped
YouTube plays 2 billion videos every day


World Cup roundup
Spotify Unlimited and Open price plans
HTC Wildfire and the LG Panther Windows Phone 7 phone


Thanks to a privacy policy that's growing faster than a baby mammoth, it's reached the point where quitting Facebook is almost trendy. There are movements to quit Facebook entirely or to boycott it for a day -- but is it really worth worrying about? We look at some cheeky IMs from a young Mark Zuckerberg, the social-networking alternatives, and the tools you can use to sort your privacy settings -- and we hear what you think about the whole kerfuffle in our podcast poll.


If you have enough free time for a boyfriend or girlfriend, but not enough time to find one, you can outsource your online dating.

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