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CNET UK Podcast 185: Who's right -- Apple or Adobe?

This week, we talk about Facebook security holes, Apple and Adobe's tiff, and a brand new dating site designed especially for Apple fanboys and fangirls

This week on the CNET UK Podcast, Flora and Rich joined Ian to talk about the ongoing battle between Adobe and Apple over the deployment of Flash on the iPhone, and all the name-calling involved. We also discussed exciting times in high-street retail and wondered what Facebook's security team was thinking...

Official Twitter app launched for Android
Facebook chat system turned off, after discovery of security hole
Retail round-up -- Best Buy opens; Currys temporarily cancels credit

Intel Moorestown Z6xx processor -- power of a PC, speed of a puma, but do you want a PC in your pocket?
I'll be back -- in 3D: Cameron turning Titanic 3D, Aliens and Terminator to follow?

As Adobe gives up developing for the iPhone, which company has the moral high ground? Is Apple right when it says the Web should be an open environment, and that Flash is a closed system? Or does Adobe have Apple bang to rights with its claim that Apple wants the Net to be a "walled garden"?

New dating site, Cupidtino, aims to hook Apple lovers up with one another. We try to keep our vomit down while we discuss the concept of Apple fanboys and fangirls getting hitched, and having Apple fanchildren.

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