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CNET UK Podcast 182: What does the Internet say about us?

In this week's podcast, we worry about what might happen if aliens descend from on high and judge us based on the Internet

This week, in an action-packed show, Ian, Flora and Rich looked at the week's news, wondered why the US Library of Congress wants to store every Twitter update ever, pondered iPad delays and ruminated on Rutland Telecom, a company founded to provide broadband to a single village. We also asked what would happen if an alien civilisation decided to judge us based solely on the content of the Internet.

Library of Congress to archive all tweets: Banality will survive us all
iPad delayed: Non-US citizens will have to waste their money on something else
Rutland Telecom offers villagers fast broadband

Microsoft Kin: You Kin do it when you One and Two it
iPhone OS 4.0

You know how it is, you've got a quiet moment and you start to wonder, "If aliens judged society on the content of the Internet, what would the penalty be?" Is it, as one Craver suggested, only fair that cats get to have their revenge on us for all those LOLcats? Does the Internet make us look like a bunch of freaks, or a planet in co-operative harmony?

Bored? Too much time on your hands? If you've already solved the alien problem, why not beat the long-standing Asteroids high score? That's what John McAllister did this week, and at 41 years of age, he should really have more pressing matters to attend to.

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