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CNET UK Podcast 180: Are mobile phones too expensive?

In this week's podcast, Ian, Flora and Rich talk about getting sacked for not buying cookies and wondered if mobile phones were too expensive

This week, on a show brought to you by April the first and a mooing diplodocus, we talked about Ofcom's new ruling over mobile phone fees and pondered the sanity of a world where Lady GaGa gets a billion YouTube views. We also learnt it's possible to be fired via Facebook, and wondered what Romeo and Juliet would look like on Twitter.

Ofcom ruling could make mobile phone tarrifs cheaper
Lady GaGa accumulates 1 billion YouTube views across her music videos
Channel 4 to perform Romeo and Juliet via Twitter

HTC Desire
Canon 550D

This week, we asked are mobile phones too expensive? This was partly as a result of the recent Ofcom ruling and partly because Ian has his panties in a bunch again about the cost of a new HTC Desire. But, to make sure we weren't biased, we asked you guys, and the results were dramatic. As always, the poll stays open, so feel free to have your say.

This week, we learned that a young lady who went out to buy cookies for her colleagues but lost the £10 note not only got fired, but was told via a Facebook message. We nearly choked on our circular chocolate chip snack over this one.

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