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CNET UK Podcast 179: Are violent video games corrupting our children?

In this week's podcast, Ian, Rich and Rory are introduced to a life-saving moose and get angry about Alan Titchmarsh’s attitude to video games

On this week's show, Rory Reid and Rich Trenholm join Ian Morris for a chat about the week's tech news. There's discussion about a smoke-detecting moose head and a mind-blowing bike that charges its frame to propel you into the future. We also pondered the safety of our children in a flurry of destructive video games that are set to rip apart the very fabric of society. Here's the running order:

Heathrow airport worker warned over misuse of scanner
Google pulls out of China, moves search HQ to Hong Kong
In the deepest depths of recession, music sales in 2009 held steady

Ideal Home Show: Virgin Media shows off 200Mb broadband and life-saving moose
HMK 561: Electric bike turns brake energy into go-go juice

Are violent video games corrupting our children? That certainly seemed to be the conclusion of some of the guests on a recent Alan Titchmarsh show, where games were blamed for everything from child murder right to every other undesirable facet of society. We talked through the issues, and tried to decide if there was any merit in the claims.

The poll results are, as always, available for you to peruse. You can also still vote to let the nation know what your thoughts are. And don't forget to watch the video, if for no other reason than to feel blind rage at such a one-sided debate.

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