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CNET UK Podcast 177: Will it be the Internet wot wins it?

In this week's podcast, Flora, Rich and Ian chat about the potential for the Internet to rock the vote, as well as talking trash about Lindsay Lohan and her milk habit

This week on the show, Flora and Ian are joined by Rich Trenholm to discuss some exciting recent cameras and a voice-control app for the iPhone, along with the week's biggest news stories. Here is the running order:

ICANN once again considering XXX domain name for adult content
Facebook to sue Daily Mail over paedophile claims?
OnLive online gaming to launch in June

Vlingo voice-control app
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX5

We asked if Twitter and other social networks would influence the outcome of the next general election. After all, it wasn't too many years ago that The Sun claimed it was the only reason the Conservative party got back into power, instead of the resurgent Labour party. We asked you, in our poll, if you agreed with the idea that people are so easily swayed. You can see the results now, or even influence democracy yourself by voting.

US firm E-Trade is being sued by Lindsay Lohan over an advert for the company that she claims mocks her. The ad, which features two babies talking, sees one child calling the other's friend "Lindsay" a "milkaholic". Lohan's lawyers claim that lots of stars are known only by their first name, and this advert is about her. Because there are no other people in the whole world called Lindsay, and this couldn't in any way be a name the ad agency pulled out of a hat at random.

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