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CNET UK Podcast 173: Is Google the new Apple, or the new Microsoft?

In this week's podcast, Ian, Flora and Luke wonder if Google's latest moves make it more like Microsoft or Apple, plus we look at the week's news and wonder if £50 is too much for a keyboard

This week on the podcast, regular hosts Ian and Flora were joined by CNET UK's new intern, Luke, who's been doing a smashing job writing for us over the last few weeks. On the agenda this week, we ask if Google is evil or awesome, we ponder the likelihood that solar flares will disrupt GPS and have us all driving into fields, and we're amazed at more music-industry stupidity.

Warner Music pulls out of online streaming
A man has locked himself in a box
Things that use sat-nav face disruption as solar activity rises

Microsoft's £50 gaming keyboard of awesomeness
Best BlackBerry apps

Is Google the new Microsoft: hated across the world and the subject of mistrust? Or is it the new Apple: joyous, perfect and purely good? It's a tough question, but we decided with all the Google news that's broken recently it was a subject we should take on.

If you're keen to have your say, the vote is still open. If you just want to know what everyone else thinks, why not check out the results?

And with the inevitability of the rising sun, the CNET UK Podcast ends with a news story to bake your noodle. This week, we learned that prisoners in British jails are using Facebook to pour scorn on their victims. This raises all sorts of questions about prisoners being allowed on the Internet behind bars, and why they're able to use Facebook, but at least the company seems to be taking the problem seriously.

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