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CNET UK Podcast 165: Shopping online, dropping offline

This week on the podcast, Nate, Flora and Ian discussed online versus offline shopping, got angry about a $1,000 HDMI cable and discovered that the Tesco iPhone is a pretty good deal

This week on the show, Nate, Flora and Ian decided to ask questions about traditional retail and how the Internet might not take over the entire world. Aside from groceries, we're fans of walking off the street and plucking a delightful product from the shelves. But our pondering was brought on by Amazon store rumours and the recent collapse of high-street retailers.

As always, we talked about the week's news, got excited about some new competitions on CNET UK and wondered what possible reason there is to pay $1,000 for a single 1m HDMI cable.

Tesco announces iPhone pricing
AOL Time Warner has completed its split
Cello has launched iPlayer TV and the freesat iPlayer beta starts
Study finds Americans consume 34GB of information per day

Boxee Box
Win a Milestone

This week, we asked if high-street stores are in as much trouble as people think. With every Tom, Dick and Harry of the tech world opening stores, and the rumours of Amazon joining in, we pondered the future of bricks-and-mortar retail and wondered if it might be brighter than everyone thought.

In America there is an HDMI cable that costs $1,000. This is beyond ridiculous, but we're pretty sure you knew that already.

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