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CNET UK Podcast 164: Can anything save MySpace?

On the CNET UK Podcast this week, Ian, Nate and Rory discuss the future of MySpace, the launch of Freeview HD, and the news that Microsoft has been vindicated in the 'black screen of death' scandal

This week, Ian and Nate invited Rory back to the CNET UK Podcast, despite his terrible behaviour and mobile-phone shenanigans last time round. He was very good this time, with his phone causing only very minor interruptions. We discussed the week's news, were pleased to see Microsoft vindicated in the 'black screen of death' scandal, and talked about the future of MySpace.

Windows 7 not directly to blame for 'black screen of death'
BSkyB attacks BT over raising prices for third-party access to its telephone network
BBC HD and ITV HD launch on Freeview
Google will 'limit' access to news to placate publishers

With the launch of MySpace Music in the UK, we were forced to wonder if anything can save the site. Our feeling is that the service is of very little use to most people. While it serves some bands well, it fails as a social network and a music source. It seems that most of you agree with us, judging by our poll. No-one really thought there was much that could be done to bring MySpace back from near death.

This week, we talked about the story of an 11-year-old boy who has been accused of hacking by Disney, and had his online account suspended for 'cheating' on the Pirates of the Caribbean game. We went a bit off-topic here, but we think it will still be of some interest. 

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