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CNET UK Podcast 163: Is giffgaff the future of mobile tariffs?

On the CNET UK Podcast this week, Ian, Flora and Rich pondered the marriage of a man to a Nintendo DS character, discussed a very fast car and wondered what the stockmarket is for

This week on the CNET UK Podcast, Ian, Flora and Rich hunkered down and tackled the nitty-gritty tech issues of the week. We talked about Facebook losing you healthcare benefits, we wondered what would happen in a word with no bankers, and how the LSE downtime affected the world we live in. This week's feature was about cut-priced services in exchange for social marketing.

Woman loses benefits after posting Facebook photos of her 'having fun'
LSE grinds to halt because of computer glitch
Tesco to sell the iPhone 3G and 3GS
TiVo comes back to the UK, with Virgin Media

Crave 1,000mph rocket 'car'
Nokia N900 Internet tablet-phone-thingy

This week, inspired by the launch of the new mobile phone mini-network giffgaff, we wondered if other services could eventually be run in this way. giffgaff relies on promotion from the people who use it, and in exchange you can earn credit towards top-ups, or donate money to charity.

Is this the future for services like this? Zero spend on infrastructure, no marketing budget, and rock-bottom costs? How does it stack up against existing services such as Tesco Mobile, or other low-cost options?

This week, news reached us that a Japanese man has married a character from a Nintendo DS game. We were, as you can imagine, slightly amazed that this sort of thing is still going on. But as Flora pointed out, there are plenty of people marrying far stranger inanimate objects. 

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