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CNET UK Podcast 159: The Internet is 40

This week on the CNET UK podcast, we wished the Internet a very happy 40th birthday, learnt about a boy whose TV aerial was interfering with planes, and discussed piracy

This week on the podcast, we celebrated the 40th birthday of our old friend the Internet. It's been an impressive first 40 years, with much accomplished and so much still to do. We heard what you, the listener, think is the best part of being online, and we had a good natter about the week's technology news.

Sky Player for the 360 beset with launch problems
Three strikes and you're off the Internet
Google OneBox starts in the US
Motorola Droid, Android 2.0 and Hero skipping Android 1.6

Google sat-nav for Android

Our feature this week concerns the Internet, which turned 40 on the very day of our recording. After some discussion, we decided that the whole thing was worthwhile, even given the terrorists and inappropriate videos. We celebrated Lolcats and CompuServe, and wondered what the future holds.

In our vote, we asked you what you like best about the Internet. Some of you mocked us for including 'information' as an option, but, as Rich pointed out in the show, the fact is that the answer to every question is just a search away, and that's a pretty awesome feature.

Imagine being able to talk to aeroplanes. Well, one 12-year-old lad managed to accidentally scramble the radio frequencies used by airlines by using a portable booster aerial to watch TV. He didn't do it deliberately -- the aerial was defective -- but, even so, he got a little visit from Ofcom asking if it could possibly confiscate the potentially life-threatening device.

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