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CNET UK Podcast 156: Can the Internet save TV?

This week, Flora, Nate and Ian ran through the week's news, including Amazon bringing the Kindle to the UK -- sort of -- the launch of Windows Mobile 6.5 and Napster going after Spotify

This week on the podcast, Nate and Flora joined Ian for a discussion of a very busy week in technology. There was news this week that Amazon would let international users buy the Kindle from its US site. Windows Mobile got an update and a name change, and we marvelled at a dual-function bra.

Email passwords leaked online
Windows Mobile 6.5 launched
Amazon launches Kindle in the UK
Napster reduces pricing

Palm Pre finally arrives
Spore to become a major motion picture

In our special feature this week, we asked if it was possible that, rather than destroying TV, the Internet might actually be the saviour of home entertainment. We'd be more than happy to pay to download HD TV shows, but the selection would need to be excellent, and cost as low as possible.

In one of the most popular user votes we've run, you told us some interesting things. With the majority of you saying you'd love to have the chance to pay for TV shows -- and would be more than happy to pay a subscription for the privilege.

Panasonic competition
This week, we've also got a little bonus competition. If you fancy the chance of winning a pair of headphones, head over to Panasonic's 'Next Generation Talent' competition, watch the two videos, vote for your favourite, and let us know via email ( once you've done so. Not only will you be entered for our headphone competition, but Panasonic might select you to win a Lumix camera too -- if you're very lucky.

This week we were buoyed by the news that a multi-purpose bra had been selected to win the Ig Nobel prize. The bra in question not only provides support for your lady lumps (or in special cases, perhaps even moobs) but it doubles as a gas mask in case of unforeseen toxic events. Cripes.

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