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CNET UK Podcast 154: Mobile phone app store mania

In a rather more emotionally negative show than normal, Ian, Rich and Flora discussed app stores, broadband taxes and Lily Allen on piracy

This week on the CNET UK Podcast we took a slightly angry look at the world of technology. We were enraged by the broadband tax, infuriated by Lily Allen and her copyright mumblings and aggrieved to hear that the Wii would not get a UK price drop. We also talked about mobile phone app stores and answered a couple of your questions via our user forums.

Broadband tax will start in 2010
Nintendo drops price of Wii but not in the UK
Lily Allen posts about copyright theft, provides links to 'pirated music' then deletes copyright blog posts
Palm Pre lands on 16 October, pricing announced

Diving with Dolphins
Vodafone 360
Popcorn Hour C-200

This week's feature was all about mobile phone app stores. Are there too many, and will there ever be just one humungous store? Who has the best service, and what does 'the best' actually mean? These were all things we talked about, but ultimately, there's only one answer...

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