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CNET UK Podcast 153: Frankfurt Motor Show special

This week, Rory talked us through the latest motoring developments. We also enjoyed the week's news stories and wondered why bacon isn't used for tourism promotion

With Ian back from the joys of a three week holiday event, and Nate allowing himself the luxury of a couple of hours off, it's all change in the podcast. This week, Rory and Flora joined Ian to talk about cars, rural broadband and using sex to sell tourism in Denmark.

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This week we discussed some awesome car stuff that's emerged from the Frankfurt Motor Show. Rory talked us through the most exciting cars we'll be driving in the next 12 months -- or maybe never, depending on how much they cost. The best place to see what's been happening is to check out the Car Tech channel on Crave.

This week we were amazed to hear the Danish tourist board were using a video of a single mother trying to find the father of her baby. We're confused -- why would a country that produces bacon need anything other than bacon to promote tourism?

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