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CNET UK Podcast 152: Will 3D TV make videogames even better?

This week, Nate's joined by CNET UK's chief sub-editor, Nick Hide, and CBS Interactive video producer Ash Denton, discussing whether 3D TVs will usher in the next generation of videogaming

It's special-guest week on the CNET UK Podcast, with rarely heard chief sub-editor Nick Hide joining Nate on this week's show, along with CBS Interactive video producer Ash Denton. They discuss the future of videogaming on 3D TVs -- this year's big thing at the IFA tech convention -- how a pigeon is faster than broadband, and the most interesting tech stories of the week.


Steve Jobs unveils new iPods
Spotify lands on iPhone and Android
T-Mobile and Orange to merge


Sony PSP Go gets played with
HTC Tattoo is Android for the poor


At this year's IFA tech show in Berlin, Nate discovered that, if manufacturers weren't showcasing a 3D TV of some sort, other tech companies would laugh at them. Sony was even showing off a 3D PlayStation 3. With this in mind, the team discuss whether gaming on 3D tellies is anything but a fad, gimmick and total waste of time and money.


Are pigeons faster at delivering data than broadband? In South Africa, the answer is a firm 'yes'. A pigeon called Winston delivered 4GB of data from one office to another 60 miles away faster than the company's broadband connection could upload the same information. And you thought your connection sucked.

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