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CNET UK Podcast 151: Will Apple beat Nintendo with the iPhone?

This week Nate's joined by Rory and special guest Guy Cocker from GameSpot UK, discussing the week's most interesting tech stories and the future of the iPhone as a gaming platform

Cohorts of Crave, it's that time again. Although more accurately, it's not -- we're a day early this week thanks to Nate having to fly to Berlin for IFA, and Ian having to be spend time with the new Mrs Morris. Nate's joined by old hand Rory and special guest Guy Cocker from GameSpot UK, who also just got hitched. Seriously, what is it with marriage all of a sudden?


Google bloke blows up Gmail
Japan building power station in space
Chrome to be default browser on Sony Vaio
Nintendo Wii Web browser now free


GTA coming to iPhone and iPod touch
Lexmark printer comes with its own app store
LG watch phone hands-on


Does the iPhone have a future as a gaming system? With GameSpot's Guy Cocker in the studio and Grand Theft Auto making its way to the iPhone, we thought it was time we discussed whether Apple's devices stand a chance of challenging the big beasts of the portable console world: Sony and Nintendo.


In a move akin to jumping the shark while milking it for all it's worth, the people behind the 'Three Wolf Moon' t-shirt phenomenon plan to release a book based on the shirt. Quite what the content will centre on is unknown, but we can safely assume it'll involve between one and three carnivores, at least one satellite, and ironic apparel. Losers.

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