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CNET UK Podcast 149: Is your reality augmented?

This week, the team are all about exploding fridges, augmented reality, the looming cost of being a music pirate in the UK and how Windows 7 will cost us less than in America

This week, Ian, Nate and Flora raised the portcullis of the technology world once more, to poke a stick at the week's most interesting stories. Most notably, the looming cost of being a British music pirate and the low cost of being a British Windows 7 user.


UK music pirates could be fined £50,000
Sony PS3 Slim shown off at gamescom
Windows 7 cheaper in the UK
BT launches 20Mb broadband


128GB USB drive from Corsair
TomTom sat-nav comes to the iPhone


Is your reality augmented? We discuss the present and future state of augmented reality -- the 'Terminator vision' technology that makes being lost interesting. Mobile phone applications are bringing this technology to the mainstream with apps such as Layar, and thought it was high time we explained what it is, and where we want to see progress to in the future.


A fridge blew up in a Yorkshire family's house, leading its confused owners to think a bomb had exploded close by. No-one was injured, so we had a good hearty laugh about it.

All feedback for the show is welcome in the CNET UK Podcast Lounge over in the world's most beautiful forums.

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