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CNET UK Podcast 145: How is Apple beating the recession?

This week the team talked about the latest tech happenings, got excited about cloud-based antivirus and the HTC Hero and asked that crucial question: how is Apple doing so well?

This week Ian, Nate and Flora tried to work out why Apple seems so recession-proof when virtually every other company on the surface of Planet Earth seems to be having a terrible time of it. We also discussed the week's news and events, and spent a not inconsiderable amount of time fawning over the HTC Hero.

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Windows 7 now 'Gold' as it gets RTM
HTC Hero goes on sale with Orange
Exposed: Repair shops hack your laptops

Cloud-based antivirus solutions and the HTC Hero both got a jolly good craving this week.

We asked, "How is Apple making record profits when everyone else seems to be having a tough time?" It seems you were pretty evenly split on your opinions too -- unusual for a poll such as this.

This week we found out that a New Yorker believes that his iPods are being used by the mafia and Apple to coerce him into working for his old modelling agency. We were slightly surprised that Steve Jobs would join forces with organised crime to achieve such a mundane result. We're not a jury, however, so it seems appropriate to wait for the outcome of this unusual case to pass judgement of any kind.

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