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CNET UK Podcast 143: Do we really need Google Chrome OS?

This week, Ian, Nate and Rich discussed Google's new OS for netbooks, got upset about the lack of Palm Pre and berated O2 for its utterly shoddy 3G coverage

This week the CNET UK Podcast got its third person back -- in the shape of Mr Rich Trenholm. He joined Messrs Ian Morris and Nate Lanxon to discuss the weeks' tech events and assorted shenanigans.


Palm Pre launch not till December
Gmail now out of beta, along with other apps
O2 has terrible 3G coverage -- it's official
BT and TalkTalk both drop Phorm


No Amazon MP3 store for Android in the UK
Face burn iPhone
Cloud computing feature


Do you see the point of Google Chrome OS? We welcome your votes in our quick poll, and anything you've got to say on the subject in our forums.


The world has gone mad, with an 18-year-old boy selling risqué shots of his mum online. Seriously, this is some messed up stuff.

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