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CNET UK Podcast 141: Living with smart phones

This week, Ian and Flora discuss the latest Android phones, the iPhone 3GS, Steve Jobs and his health problems and Vodafone selling mini cell towers to punters to improve the mobile-phone coverage in their homes

This week on the CNET UK Podcast has a reduced, but very dedicated, team. Flora and Ian discussed the week's news, as well has having quite a healthy debate about the pros and cons of living with a smart phone. Ian is currently rocking the HTC Magic with Android, and Flora is living it large with the iPhone 3GS (and a backup iPhone 3G). But who has the best product, and who spends the fewest minutes yelling at their handset in frustration?


HTC Hero is launched
Windows 7 pricing announced
Vodafone launches home cell tower for people with poor coverage
Steve Jobs had a liver transplant


Flora was loving the LG Viewty Smart and Ian was all about Serif MoviePlus X3 video-editing software for Windows.


Jammie Thomas-Rasset has been fined $1.9m for sharing 24 songs online. Is there no end to this madness?

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