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CNET UK Podcast 140: Is Digital Britain going to happen?

This week has been crucial for Digital Britain, but the report was a disappointment for all who have even a passing interest in technology -- we chew over the proposals and the rest of the week's news

This has been a major week for Britain -- at least, digitally speaking. That's right, this week the government proved once and for all that it's not capable of understanding technology, but is a world expert on how to tax the man on the street.

The sceptical among you will probably suggest that if MPs weren't such expense-generating beasts, there'd be enough in the coffers to pay for fibre to every home in the land. And you'd be right, but as it is, we've got the cleanest moats, most delightful duck houses and best-appointed second homes in the world.


Our Digital Britain coverage has covered new plans for DAB radio, anti-piracy, broadband for all and how we would have tackled the whole thing. We'd love to hear what you think about Digital Britain, so hit the forums and get talking.

The iPhone 3G S has arrived, and the best place to get all the information on all things iPhone is our special event channel -- there you'll find the latest Apple news.

We also talked about the Palm Pre using iTunes to sync music, Nate again told us how wrong it all was, and Rich could hardly believe what he was hearing. It appears our very own Lanxon agrees with the Apple opinion -- surprise, surprise.

We also talked about Virgin Media getting the complete, DRM-free music catalogue from Universal -- and declared it to be the future.


Rich spoke about the new Olympus E-P1 and Nate got excited about the new Alienware laptop behemoth. Quick, hide! It wants to eat you!


Twitter poll and feature

This week was all about the Digital Britain report -- which was a massive, stonking disappointment. It seems you guys agreed too, because our poll results indicated that you were either massively disappointed, or at least a little disappointed.


Excitingly, this week a teenage boy was hit by a meteorite. Don't worry, he's okay, but he does now have a pea-sized rock-from-space to show for his trouble and a great story to tell his grandchildren.

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