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CNET UK Podcast 137: E3 preview

In an exciting week for technology, Ian, Nate and GameSpot's Guy Cocker take time out to talk about the Zune HD, Microsoft's new search engine -- now called Bing -- as well as the week's other news

This week podcast regulars Ian and Nate are joined by Guy 'co-creator of the stink' Cocker. Happily, Guy didn't bring the usual GameSpot odour with him this time, but he did tell us that listeners to his podcast were talking some smack about the CNET UK posse.

As well as all our usual features, we're taking a special look at the upcoming games from E3, the game industry's most important trade show of the year. Guy told us what to expect, and we're now officially excited about the upcoming year.


Zune coming to Europe
Sky TV comes to Xbox 360
Microsoft Kumo now called 'Bing'
Nokia Ovi Store launches
Palm Pre on O2?


Nate got excited about an ancient game on his iPhone. Namely Sonic the Hedgehog.

Ian liked the look of the new Philips Ambilight 32PFL9604, but not the price.


Will you be buying a Zune HD? We were surprised by the results of this week's poll. Does Microsoft have a potential winner on its hands? 


Amusing news from Switzerland: there were red faces all round after a senior swiss Apple exec was handed a cheap iPod shuffle knock-off in a conference goodie bag. 

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