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CNET UK Podcast 136: Palm pre, awesome or awful?

This week on the CNET UK Podcast: Ian, Nate and Flora discuss Microsoft's new search engine, and the newly launched Wolfram Alpha and asked if you'd be buying a Palm Pre in our Twitter poll

This week, Ian, Nate and Flora explored a new search engine, a new statistics-finding search thingy and discuss Three doing an inverse-Vodafone by dropping its excellent 'Three Like Home' roaming package.

1.5 TB on a DVD sized disc?  
Wolfram Alpha goes live  
Microsoft Kumo could launch next week
Three ends "Three like home" 

Google Trike
Samsung i8910 HD

Twitter Poll
This week's poll asked "Considering the US price and rumoured features of the Palm Pre, will you be rushing out to buy one?" The results were very interesting. You can still vote if you want, but it seems clear to us that there is a lot of interest in the Pre, although a lot of people are sticking with their iPhones.

This week we were amazed that Journalists are still using Wikipedia to research their stories. And it all came in a week when Patrick Swayze was reported as dead and very much alive on the same day. The Internet is a dangerous place -- especially if you're a lazy hack that only uses Wikipedia.

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