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CNET UK Podcast 133: Will Windows 7 be pure win or utter fail?

This week, Ian Nate and Flora discussed the good old days of the Internet, discussed a pirate party heading for the European parliament and were shocked to learn that not all robots love us

This week, Ian was joined by podcast regular Nate Lanxon and mobile phone expert Flora Graham in a studio which smelt very much like something had recently died there. This wonderful odour was thanks to those terrific, but flatulent, chaps at our sister site GameSpot UK.

Still, the team battled through their nausea to discuss the Pirate Party going to the European parliament, AOL getting the boot and yet another trial about DVD piracy. We also answered a question from the forum and discussed what the future holds for Windows 7.


Sweden's 'Pirate Party' expected to gain a seat in EU parliament.
AOL nearly ready to be spun off
RealDVD trial has started -- is it legal to backup DVDs?
iPhone users spend 9.6 minutes per app


Nate spoke about exciting future storage technologies and Flora got very excited about a new Android phone, the HTC Magic.


This week was especially worrying for us robot lovers. What happens when robots go bad and rise up against us soft lumps of bone and flesh? Disaster, that's what. Still, we don't think this particular accident was the robot's fault -- we blame operator error.

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