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CNET UK Podcast 131: Is the future of entertainment in the hands of a soft drink?

This week on the show, Ian, Nate and Flora discuss news from the last seven days, including more Phorm developments and a passionate debate about the future of entertainment

This week on the podcast, Ian, Nate and Flora discussed the (then-) imminent Pirate Bay verdict, Ebay's plans for Skype and HD coming to iPlayer. There was also a heated debate about new advertorial entertainment, in which Ian and Nate both got rather cross.


Amazon won't allow Phorm to scan its pages and EC starts legal action over Phorm
eBay plans to sell off Skype
BBC HD comes to iPlayer


This week, Flora was excited by the LG Viewty Smart, Nate lusted after the Nintendo DSiWare store and Ian wished he could afford a Panasonic freesat Blu-ray recorder.


Is entertainment doomed? With Sprite -- yes, the fizzy pop -- the latest to create an entire entertainment brand, is this the future of TV? Will everything else slowly wither and die? We'd love to hear what you think. Best comments in either our forums or via Twitter will be read in next week's show.


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