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CNET UK Podcast 130: Throw pirates off the Internet?

This week, Ian, Nate and Rich discussed the rising and falling cost of digital music, Australia getting ultra-fast broadband and a kid who managed to pwn himself

This week on the podcast, Ian, Nate and Rich met in a stinky studio to whisper dramatically into their microphones about music download pricing, Australia getting fast Internet access and a kid who pwned himself.

Show links:


iTunes increases prices and Amazon MP3 reduces prices on some music
Phorm looking to launch, despite public hatred
Australia getting fibre-optic connections


Segway's two-wheeled car
Extreme hands-on with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT1


We asked if people who download music or movies from the Internet should have their Web access terminated. The result was unanimous at the time we recorded the show, with 100 per cent of people saying NO! Things have changed slightly now, so add your vote, send us a Twitter message or post any thoughts in our forums.


You can read more about the kid who turned himself into the police, and if you've got a minute you're not using, why not listen to the audio of the 911 call?

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