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CNET UK Podcast 127: You'll never see my Facebook again

Knife crime, £1,000 headphones, Facebook and Sega's involvement in Brazilian crime are all topics discussed in this week's CNET UK Podcast

Another Friday is upon us, and that means another delectable feast of tech news, commentary and unashamed arrogance has arrived to carry you through the weekend. On the CNET UK Podcast this week, Nate is joined by n00b Flora and -- wait for it -- Nick! OMG!

Yes, Nick was dragged from the mossy, dictionary-walled crypt in which all CNET sub-editors reside, to discuss Google's new assaults on privacy, and whether violent videogames should be extortionately taxed to help reduce knife crime.

Flora talks about a bunch of mobile app stores, including Google's new shift to allow paid-for applications in the Android Market, while Nick and Nate whine about the new buttonless iPod shuffle. We also talk up the merits of the new £1,000 Sennheiser HD 800 headphones Nate just drooled on in Germany, before ironically losing his hearing on the plane home.

This week's special feature is all about Facebook, its most recent revamp, its future and whether sites such as Twitter are eating away its heels in the hope it'll collapse into a bloody pool of broken limbs and discarded organs.

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